• Ph.D. in Computer Science, Tsinghua University
    2011.09 – 2016.07; Study at the Department of Computer Science; major in Machine Learning, Computational Economics, Recommender Systems, and Sentiment Analysis; Awarded as Beijing Excellent PhD Graduate and Tsinghua Excellent PhD Graduate.
  • Bachelor in Computer Science, Tsinghua University
    2007.09 – 2011.07; Also studied in the Department of Computer Science, Tsinghua University; Awarded as an Excellent Graduate.
  • Bachelor in Economics, Peking University
    2014.09 – 2016.07; National School of Development, Peking University, Beijing, China.

Academic Experience

Industrial Experience

  • 2014.05 – 2014.12, Intern Researcher, Institute of Deep Learninig (IDL), Baidu, Beijing.
    • App Recommendation based on large-scale deep learning infrastructures.
    • Under the supervision of Distinguish Scientist Dr. Wei Xu.
  • 2013.06 – 2013.11, Intern Researcher, Sogou Inc., Beijing.
    • Universal cross-site recommendation algorithms based on search engine logs and browser logs.
    • Web browser oriented cross-domain product recommendation.
  • 2011.06 – 2012.04, Intern Researcher, NetEase Youdao, Beijing.
    • Large scale distributed web crawler designment and implement.
    • Personalized restaurant recommendation algorithms based on collaborative filtering.
  • 2010.06 – 2010.09, Intern Software Engineer, Innovation Works, Beijing
    • Distributed online game cloud platform for automatic world-wide game distribution.
    • Designing and implementing the automatic system monitoring and reporting modules.
  • 2008.06 – 2008.09, Volunteer, The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.
    • Volunteer at the Media Village of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.
    • Rewarded as an Excellent Volunteer of the 29th Olympic Games.

Research Interests

  • Machine Learning and Data Mining.
    • Especially interested in Matrix Factorization theories and Large Scale Optimization problems, as well as their application in Personalized Recommender Systems, Sentiment Analysis and Computational Economics.
  • Personalized Recommendation and Search.
    • Interested in Collaborative Filtering based recommendation, especially in Matrix Factorization techniques and the related optimization algorithms. Pioneering in the research of leveraging (phrase-level) sentiment analysis for recommendation and its explanation, and (browser-oriented) cross-site universal heterogeneous recommendation frameworks.
  • Sentiment Analysis.
    • Interested in statistical natural language processing and phrase-level sentiment analysis, as well as their application in opinion mining and recommender systems.
  • Compuational Economics.
    • Interested in computational time series analysis, especially their applicaiton in processing E-commerce data; Interpretability of classical economical models based on the Big Data from Internet; Monetization approaches in E-commerce and Marketing; Cybernetic approach for Macro Economic System Sensitivity Analysis and Control.

Honors & Awards

  • 2016 Tsinghua University Academic Rising Star (21 out of 10, 000+)
  • 2016 Excellent PhD Dissertation of Tsinghua Univeristy
  • 2016 Beijing Excellent PhD Graduate
  • 2016 Tsinghua University Excellent PhD Graduate
  • 2015 Microsoft PhD Fellowship (only 13 out of 90 distinguished PhD candidates from 40 leading research universities/institutions worldwide)
  • 2014 Siebel Scholar (awarded for academic excellence to 85 top students from the world's 19 selected leading graduate schools)
  • 2014 Baidu Scholar (only 8 out of more than 1,600 applicants worldwide)
  • 2014-2015 IBM International PhD Fellowship
  • 2014 ACM RecSys Student Travel Support
  • 2013, 2014 ACM SIGIR Student Travel Support
  • 2012 Google Excellent Student Scholarship
  • 2011 Excellent Graduate of Computer Science Department, Tsinghua University
  • 2010 IBM Scholarship of Tsinghua University
  • 2008 Excellent Volunteer of the 29th Beijing Olympic Games
  • 2007 First Prize of National High School Math League